Integrative Nutrition Consults

' When the food is right what need is there of medicine. When the food is wrong, what can medicine do!?

-An Ayurvedic adage from 16th century

What we do during a Nutrition consult?

We find WHAT is right for you, and WHEN and HOW.

Deep dive into your choices with a completely novel approach blending Ayurvedic nutrition and modern nutritional understanding.

While we address high level dos and don't s during the clinical consults, the details are worked out during a dedicated time of a nutritional consult. 

Learn about

- why and how are some foods good for you and when not, and why.

-Learn about how to make healthy food work ina bsy lifestyle, regardless of whether you like to/can cook or not

-how spices, herbs, tastes, food formats help or aggravate your condition

- which Ayurvedic healing phase you belong to and how to support through right foods.

- learn when seemingly healthy food choices can be unhealthy for you and vice-versa

- pragmatic ways to execute your choices compatible weekly your lifestyle. 

- learn how to use Ayu.Care's unique resources on food based on self-assessment.

These will empower your food choices far beyond the consult. 

Integrative Ayurveda Nutrition

In March 2020, Vaidya Nami got invited to speak on the first ever evidence based traditional medicine conference at Stanford Medicine's Conference. She chose to present fundamentals on Nutrition blending Ayurveda and biomedical language in a functional way.

Booking process overview


Book now

You can book an online appointment with Vaidya Nami. If you need support in booking or have general questions not addressed in FAQs, Call our office at 650-334-4024.


Onboard our digital platform

Upon booking you will receive an email invite to Healthie, a 'MyChart-like' HIPPA-compliant, secure platform.

1. Set your profile and password

2. Fill out forms on a desktop of laptop.

3. Download the free 'Healthie' app on your phone for ease in messaging, scheduling, video calls, meal logs, and online program access.


Get most out of our time together

1. Take time to fill out details on your health.

2. Upload any available investigations and medication use.

3. If in-person, try to not eat after the hour before the appointment for a pulse reading.

4. Address will be available in the form titled 'Clinic address and COVID-19 related safety'