Ayurveda for Sustained Well-being

An Online Course for six Sunday mornings

Starts September 15th, 2024

Create and Sustain
Opportunities to Heal

Healing Packages

Commit to a guided partnership to health



A Self-paced guided program

When you most need it

Find full spectrum guidance

From Disease to Health

Heal from Diseases

Healing is always possible for a myriad of chronic and acute conditions. We address the WHOLE YOU, through the lens of Ayurveda and Modern medicine, curating personalized and practical solutions, unique for you!

Prevent Disorders

Prevention for impending disease requires a different perspective and cadence. This is the most opportune time to act when the body signals for attention. The good news is that a little attention averts multiple undesirable outcomes.

Promote Health

Actualizing human potential for the zenith of physical, mental and spiritual well-being is the ultimate goal of Ayurveda. Derive a direction as we tease these layers with nuanced sharpness of Ayurveda, Yoga and Spirituality.

With a futuristic model of health & medicine

Based on guidance informed from


Through an intelligent & powerful tapestry of

Traditional Ayurveda (millenia old Indian system of healing), Modern biological sciences, Yoga and Spirituality.


Three ways to start your journey

"Your body knows how to heal itself. It just needs a conducive environment, intention and time. What is most instrumental for you right now?"

What our clients say

(Excerpts from google reviews)


for integrating with medicine

"an expert in Ayurveda but also in integrating it with mainstream
medicine with a good understanding of pharmacology of mainstream medicine"


for body-mind medicine

"Very caring,  well rounded doctor with lots of depth in Ayurveda,  medical science and psychology."


for treating the root cause

Instead of being“put on” some meds to target a symptom of a larger
problem, Dr. Nami takes a global approach of clearing and healing


for cost-effectiveness

"After working with my GI
doctor through couple of appointments
costing me more than $1k out of pocket (after insurance) when I was told further diagnostic testing which could cost me ...out of pocket more than couple of thousand dollars (after insurance), I started to look for alternative treatment...I have recovered significantly with no side effects and working on a path to full recovery soon."


For holistic approach

"She spent necessary time to understand my health condition and
empathized with it. She found right balance in prescribing Ayurvedic
medicine that helped me both in short term and long term. In addition to medicine, she guided me through Ayurvedic life style, right foods, proper digestion, stress management, sleep, yoga and meditation."


for practicality

"As a working mother, her
suggestions and medications have been realistic, helpful with all my
ailments. She is very knowledgeable, takes ample time to listen, follows
up, and is passionate about helping people heal."


for compassion

"Dr. Nami's has  a professional and personable demeanor, and has always
treated me with the utmost kindness and empathy, like a family member. 
She has even been available for urgent matters, which have kept me from
needing to seek out antibiotics or urgent care for an infection"


for empowerment

"Ayurvedic medicine transcends kapha/ vata/ pitta: it is a lifestyle, a
daily choice and Nami helps guide us to make right choices and gives
very scientific reasons for them'

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The Clinic

Near Fremont Hub, Fremont, CA - 94538

Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 3:30 pm

Address shared upon booking

Heal with personal guidance

Focus your initial consult with Vaidya Nami on either of these approaches. Together, we can evolve the fastest path to healing.

Clinical Consults.

'Pure medicine treats disease and doesn't cause another'

says Sage Charaka, of the famous namesake Ayurvedic medical treatise.

Nutrition Consults.

Food is the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison', says biochemist Ann Whitmore.

Yoga, Mind & Lifestyle Consults.

Yoga karmasu kaushalam'

- the Bhagvad Gita

Yoga is the skillful execution of actions and behaviours. Tap the sisterhood of Yoga and Ayurveda as you steer your being to paths of health and healing.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the consult covered by insurance?

Ayurveda is not yet be covered by insurance.

However it has the potential to manage or heal your ailments at a fraction of the insurance costs.

Also the learnings during a consult fuel longterm health.

We do accept pretax dollars of any Health Savings Account you may have.

Where do we find the products recommended in a consult?

We are highly focused on product safety, effectiveness and ease of procurement. We typically recommend traditional Ayurveda formulations and custom herb blends that can be sourced from Ayurveda Pharmacies located in the US. These will be ones which meet Regulatory and Safety standards.

We will provide links and details to purchase our recommendations.

Not ready for a consult?

Start healing with a program that I recommend as a first step for your journey.

Heal your gut: A Self-driven Guided Program

Heal your gut: A Self-driven Guided Program


Be equipped with front-line tools used by Ayurvedic doctors to assess the needs of your gut and body, never before available at your fingertips.

  • Get guided by a program over six weeks to set off on gut health.
  • Understand key concepts for Ayurveda and digestion.
  • Gain life-time access to a critical AMA measurement tool for self assessment.
  • Access your personalized, score-specific videos to guide you to resolve it.
  • Find more tips, printable info-guides and recipes as you progress. 

By the end of it you would

  1. Be able to take intuitive, mindful care of your gut.
  2. Develop a positive relationship with food without shame and guilt.
  3. Experience how and when are some 'healthy' foods unhealthy.
  4. Have wonderful new additions to your pantry and meal plan.
  5. Influence health of others around you.

Your AMA score should be 1 or less. Where are you at from 0-10? Find out and reduce your numbers!

This useful for you if you have any health condition or feel to fix the heaviness, lethargy, bloating in your body. Be prepared for many, many realizations, even if you have been a health buff for years!




Curious about how Ayurveda is unique and how it can help?

Learn through our growing resources.