Integrative Ayurveda 101: For Menopausal transition


Learn how menopause is defined, conventional medicine options, role of medicinal plants like shatavari, ashoka, guduchi, methika, yashtimadhu, black cohosh, wild yam, common problems - vaginal dryness, depression, insomnia and opportunities for health - Cardio -metabolic, bone and muscle, mind.

Recommended for any woman above 40 (and men with menopausal partners!)

1. Learn about when does menopausal transition begin and until when does it last? (Hint: 2- 10 years!)

2. Know about when and how to seek conventional medicine works and doesn't work.

3. Learn about supportive Ayurvedic medicinal plants applications - shatavari, ashoka, guduchi methika, yashtimadhu, black cohosh, wild yam

4. Learn about symptoms Ayurveda can address during transition - esp: vaginal dryness, depression, insomnia.

5. Learn about allied targets for health cardio-metabolic health, bone and muscle health, mind and life considerations amongst others in an interactive discussion.