Program Structure

One hour video lessons weekly.
About 30 -45 min solo Work-on-Self weekly.
Daily goals, calculators to measure your well-being and other markers.

Week 1 : Meet your Innermost Self

  • Using curiosity, reason and awareness, we identify with our Innermost Selves with Deep Compassion.
  • We learn how to meet ourselves in the 'rush' of the day.
  • We strengthen the inner conversation that occurs which drives our actions.
  • (Concepts used: Panchakosha, Nijatmana, Paramatmana)

Week 2: Energize

  • We understand how energy is created in our system and what we can do to influence it.
  • We identify the physical blockages to energy flow and learn how to address them.
  • (Concepts used: Agni, Ama, Ojas)

Week 3: Deep Cleanse

  • We identify the emotional roots of disease we all carry with us.
  • We learn how to notice when they create 'battery drains'.
  • We use our inner conversation to reframe their influence on us and open avenues of learning that liberate us.
  • Concepts used (Pragnya, Pragnyaaparadha, Vegadharana)

Week 4: Synthesize

  • We synthesize everything we learnt to operate from a place of love instead of fear.
  • We learn how to create a supportive environment that nourishes us and everyone around us.
  • (Concepts used: Ananda, Satsanga, Abhayam, Karma-karma-phala, Daanama)

Your Well-being Begins Now On

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Will there be recordings available?

They will be freely accessible for two weeks after the event.

What will we do in one just one hour?

We will have a structured discussion with personal reflections. They will be followed by doable daily behavioral shifts that can be gradually weaved in.