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Move over from 15 -30 min consults for your medical conditions.

Meet someone who deep dives in the heart of your suffering, can look at all your investigations and help to maintaining a healthy
complementary relationship with your conventional medicine provider.

Understand the 'why' of 'what' you are experiencing, beyond the 'whats'.

Learn if there are safer, natural ways to mitigate your health problems.Learn how reversal to health is possible, and the stages in which it occurs.

Gradually learn ways to maintain disease free states, reducing dependence even on herbs and natural supplements.

Find acceptance of modifiable conditions, and learn how to thrive with minimal disease progression.

Learn about how Integrative Ayurveda can free you from the labels and suffering that comes from a plethora of other conditions.

Our goal is to walk with you, all the way.

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What can Ayurveda do for different disorders?

In Anxiety,  Reduce anxiolytic dependence

In Atherosclerosis, reduce inflammatory states, plant based alternatives

In  Bronchial Asthma, reduce bronchodilator dependence, reduce frequency of attacks

In Bronchitis,  Reduce congestion, wheezing and prevent relapse

In Cancer, control collateral damage, improve quality of life

In Chronic fatigue syndrome, Reduce fatigue

In Chronic kidney disease, Improve kidney function and overall health

In Coronary artery disease, Reduce clot formation, improve cardiovascular health

In Dermatitis, Reduce corticosteroid & anti-allergic dependence

In Diabetes - Type II, Address diet and lifestyle, get personalised plant based anti diabetics

In Dry Eye,  Reduce symptoms and need for repeated artificial tears

In Dyslipidemias, Improve fatty acid  metabolism

In Dysmenorrhea, Reduce debilitating pain

In Fissures, Heal cuts faster, address cause

In Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, Regulate acid production and flow, reduce burning

For Headaches, identify unknown aggravators, balance doshas

In Inflammatory bowel disorders, Improve bowel regulation and nutriton assimiliaton

For Insomnia,  Reduce dependence on sedatives

For Infertility, For unknown causes, balance the doshas

For Liver dysfunction in hepatitis and cirrhosis, Tap on known Ayurvedic hepatoprotectives

For Back aches & neck pain, Reduce painkiller intake, strengthen muscles, reduce inflammation

For Menorrhagia,  Reduce bleeding intensity, duration, frequency

For Obesity, Improve nutrition and metabolism, address major contributors

For Osteoarthritis ,  Reduce painkillers intake, slow degeneration

For Parkinson’s disease, Improve nonmotor symptoms, slow progression, reduce fear of fall, improve levodopa induced motor complications

For Peptic ulcers,   Heal ulcers, regulate gastric acid production, identify aggravators

For Peripheral neuropathy, Improve nerve and allied muscle health

For Piles,  Reduce constipation and bleeding

For Polycystic ovaries, Address dietary and lifestyle causes, reduce insulin resistance, improve menstrual regularity

For Psoriasis, balance doshas to reduce symptoms and corticosteroid dependence

For Premenstural syndrome, Reduce breast tenderness and mood fluctuations

For Recurrent infections:  Improve your immune status to ward off infections, allied support for respective infection

In Sinusitis, Reduce congestion and inflammation

For Thrombocytopenia, Improve platelet count

For Urolithiasis, Reduce stone formation, help flush stones smaller than 8 mm

For Urticaria, Reduce episodes by addressing dosha imbalance

For Viral infections – upper respiratory and skin, Reduce symptoms, faster recovery