Plan your day for Optimal Health



In this webinar,  share the Integrative framework I have arrived at after nearly two decades of blending Yoga, Ayurveda and biomedicine for the health of my patients. Corroborated by new age modern scientific understanding of circadian rhythms & metabolism, this seems to be a definitive practical path to health. It has been a key lifestyle component in regaining health for most of my clients in the recent past.

Popular Ayurvedic lifestyle is projected to be about waking up early, herbs and spices, and oils and foods and yogic exercise. In reality, it is designed to be beyond it all the 'actions'. Its about 'being' and 'becoming' more than the 'doing' by being highly selective in what we do. The actions we choose to fill up our day with, are influenced by our physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual inputs. To navigate this complexity, I also share the riveting mythology of Rāmayana in this webinar

Ayurveda is not a religion, its a science. Learn how to make it work for you, from the get go!