Your Care Support beyond the Consult

Sarita Govindan, AP

Sarita is an Ayurvedic practitioner who graduated from Mount Madonna Institute in 2009 and Kerala Ayurveda Academy in 2018.

Health challenges in her family brought her to Ayurveda, which transformed her life. She likens herself to have been an upside down, ungrounded tree with roots up in the air before learning Ayurveda. Learning Ayurveda’s universal, intuitive principles and applying it in her daily life brought her back right side up with roots firmly planted back into the ground. She strongly believes that women and mothers are natural torch bearers of Ayurveda as they have an innate urge to nurture, have a strong connection with the earth and stay resilient by supporting each other. With that belief, she started a local initiative co-op group called AUM (Ayurveda unites moms) where women could share their life sustaining practices such as good nourishing food, plants, seeds, knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga and other healing arts with each other. 

At Ayu.Care she has been supporting the onward journeys of healing beyond the consult. healing is not a linear process. She aids families navigate the resources of Ayurveda at and beyond Ayu.Care, local integrative healing forums. Clients often ask her basic Ayurveda questions and feel immensely supported by her.

When she is not helping out at the clinic, she loves to potter around in her wild garden with her faithful dog and delight in everything that grows- trees, shrubs, Ayurvedic herbs, fruits and vegetables.She believes in regenerative soil practices and allowing plants to grow naturally with minimal effort  She is an ardent student of Tai-chi, Kungfu, Chan meditation and Yoga in her spare time. She is also a proud mother of two creative young adults.