Pragnya: Your Higher Intellect for Joy and Healing

Pragnya: Your Higher Intellect for Joy and Healing

For anyone who seeks joy and well-being, this inspired talk is life- changing. 

It will help to get out of whatever dramatic situation you are grappling with, enable you to rise like a phoenix.

It shares the most important tool Ayurveda has to offer to regain health and healing.

It doesn't need a consult, or medicinal plant formulations, nor a need to cook and clean, nor to escape from current life to connect with oneself. Its all-embracing of life, informs our choices and makes space for our vulnerabilities. It allows for light and intellect to work together to make room for positive life experiences.

I was always smitten by this tool - the Ayurvedic concept of Pragnyā - the higher intellect. Recently, I used it as my trusted guide to spring back to action after a stormy post-partum depression and the whole shebang of Motherhood 2.0. Three months since when I recorded this talk, I had almost always had the sun in my face, wind in my hair and fire in my belly.

Pragnyā , I have discovered can be pretty darn transformative. Not incremental, slow and rugged.

It is too precious to lose in the noise, the drama and the chatter around us. So when a premium ghee brand - Maha Ghee - invited me to their knowledge circles, I thought it only befitting to share the key roadmap sketched straight from the sutras* of Pragnyā in Yoga and Ayurveda.

As it is applicable in multiple life scenarios and struggles to achieve well-being, it is meant for everyone. 

Watch the talk here.


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